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mercredi 6 mai 2020

A country that exceeds Italy and becomes the first European number of corona deaths

British government data revealed on Tuesday that more than 32 thousand people died in Britain due to infection of the new Corona virus, bypassing Italy, which was leading the European countries in the number of deaths by more than 29 thousand deaths.
I dati del governo britannico hanno rivelato martedì che oltre 32 mila persone sono morte in Gran Bretagna a causa dell'infezione del nuovo virus Corona, aggirando l'Italia, che ha portato i paesi europei nel numero di morti per oltre 29 mila morti.
With the deaths included in Scotland and Northern Ireland, the official death toll in Britain so far due to the Corona virus is 32,313 people.
This toll exceeds that of Italy, which was the most affected in Europe, although its outcome does not include suspected deaths from the virus.
With this death toll due to the Coronavirus, Britain is the second largest in the world after the United States, which has recorded nearly 70,000 deaths so far, according to Reuters.
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