Russian Girls Number Whatsapp

Russian Girls Number Whatsapp  

Welcome to our esteemed website, if you are interested in getting to know each other and communicate with people in all parts of the world, including Russians, French, American, and so on ..., here is our serious site, we offer you real WhatsApp mobile numbers for those who want to get acquainted with people new in their lives.

name :Cinderella skitshov

age : 26

from : russia

whatsapp mobile : +7 (914) 104-78-54

I am Cinderella skitshov , 26 years old, I prefer reading, horse riding and traveling to the heights, and my favorite foods are hamburgers and coffee. I am looking for a Russian guy to get acquainted with me for the purpose of friendship, and my condition is that he should be respectful and kind-hearted. I hope it is from my country.

Inspire my friends, there is still a lot of things to tell you about, and I know everything about me, because I left your number on WhatsApp at the top. Call me and you will find me answering you, so please do not call and annoy me.

Dating conditions:

You have to be a serious person.

Secondly, respecting the other's desire for acquaintance or not.

Third, it is not permissible to seek marriage except with a mutual desire.

Finally, we wish you good luck and enjoy our site and do not forget to visit other topics on our site and thank you for your understanding.

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